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Swift child photocard

A Swift photocard is a plastic smartcard that has your photo on. Only you can use it.

Swift child photocards are for children over 5 and under 16. You can get child rate tickets on a Swift child photocard. This means you get 50% off the adult rate.

Swift cards are flexible. You can use the same card for the bus, tram or train. It’s quick and easy to replace a lost or stolen Swift card too.

You can buy tickets and load them onto the card. You can buy:

  • most child bus and tram tickets
  • train child season tickets

Get a Swift child photocard

You can get a Swift child photocard online. You'll set up a Swift account at the same time.
You'll need a digital passport-sized photograph.

To get a Swift photocard, you have to get a ticket first. Use our ticket finder to find the best ticket for you. You’ll get the ticket on your photocard.

Swift cards can take up to 7 days to arrive in the post. If you need one more quickly, you can get one in person from a:

Use your Swift child photocard

You can use your photocard to buy Direct Debit or season tickets online. You can also use the card to buy tickets in person:

Your photocard has a date on it. You cannot use your card to buy any new tickets after this date. You can still use any tickets that are already on your card. You can wait until the next time you need to buy a ticket to get a new card. You’ll need a new photo.

If you’re under 16 but look older, you can get a free under 16 photocard to prove your age.

What to do when you travel

On the bus, hold your card next to the reader. Wait for the green light or beep.

On the tram, hand your card to the conductor. They will scan it for you.

On the train, hand your card to the conductor when asked. You can also hold your card on the yellow reader to open entry and exit gates at stations.

Renew your ticket or pass

If you pay by Direct Debit, your ticket will renew each month. You do not need to do anything.

You’ll need to renew the following 1 week, 4 week or term passes:

  • nbus
  • nbus and tram
  • ntram
  • nnetwork (1 week and 4 week only)
  • National Express
  • Diamond
  • Central Buses

You can renew your pass online:

  1. Log in to your Swift account.
  2. Select the pass you want to renew.
  3. Make your payment.
  4. Add your new ticket to your Swift card. This is called collecting. You can collect your ticket at one of our on-street Swift Collectors. You can also use the Swift Collector app (available for Android and Apple devices).