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Help your staff cycle to work

Cycling can help to reduce absence and increase productivity in your organisation. It can also help your organisation meet environmental targets.

With more cycle routes coming to the West Midlands, now is the time to get staff cycling - whether for work, fitness or fun.

Get staff started with cycling

We’ve got all you need to help those new, considering or returning to cycling after a long time. You can also share this useful video with staff on keeping safe whilst cycling to work.

Employees can get a new bike through the Cycle to Work scheme too. You can install this programme for free in your organisation.

How you can support staff to get around

There are safe cycle routes across the West Midlands. Your organisation can also get free travel planning advice with Modeshift.

West Midlands Cycle Hire can help staff to travel around. Or staff can hire a Brompton bike and join a local cycle club.

New staff can apply for discounted public transport travel passes.

How to get more staff cycling today

Our best solution is for you to sign your organisation up to Love to Ride.

Learn about the many benefits of signing your organisation up to Love to Ride - including friendly workplace competition.

Need help promoting cycling? Look no further - the best ambassadors for cycling are those already doing it! Create a bicycle user group with cycle champions. Or consider setting up pool bikes.

Other things to consider

Cycle Parking

Check out the guidance for cycle parking at workplaces.

You can get free bike racks to install from the Park That Bike scheme.

Pit stop box

Enhance your cycle parking by creating a 'pit stop' box. This can include a bicycle pump, basic bike repair tools, puncture repair kits and inner tubes.

Save money with sustainable transport. More information is available from the Urban Transport Group.